Usage Allowances

Some internet companies offer so called "unlimited" internet access services but when you actually use those services you soon discover that their idea of unlimited is different to everyone else's idea of what that word means and so once you pass an often vaguely defined usage level you find that your connection speed is severely limited. 

We do not operate like that. At UKFSN we clearly state up front how much internet bandwidth you can use with your broadband connection and if you want to use more we clearly state how much that will cost you. We offer our customers the option to select the usage level that best meets their own needs at a price that ensures we can always deliver the service you are paying for. If you find that your usage is a little higher than you expected it's easy to change to a different bandwidth option or to purchase a bandwidth Top-up.

There are times however when you may want to download something very large and to cater for this we have free usage periods with all of our bandwidth services during which we do not mind how much bandwidth you use - it wont come out of your monthly bandwidth usage allowance and wont cost you any extra. These times are slightly different for the Family packages and the Business packages but they are very easy to remember - see below for full details

Family Packages

Your monthly bandwidth usage allowance covers the time period from 08:00 to midnight Monday through to Friday.

At other times you can enjoy our free usage policy. That means from midnight to 08:00 Monday to Friday and all weekend you can use as much as you like.

Our network gives priority to customers on Family packages between 20:00 (8pm) and midnight Monday to Friday so if there is ever any congetion on the network during those hours your connection gets priority.

Business Packages

Your monthly bandwidth usage allowance covers the period between 08:00 and 20:00 Monday through to Friday.

At all other times your bandwidth usage is free - that's from 8pm through to 8am Monday to Friday and all weekend.

Business connections get priority on our broadband network from 08:00 through to 20:00 Monday to Friday so if there is every any congestion you are less likely to be affected. Of couse we do try to ensure that congestion doesn't affect the network in the first place.

So what happens if I have used all of my bandwidth usage allowance?

It's not always possible to predict how much we'll use the internet with 100% accuracy so sometimes you may use all of the bandwidth usage allowance included with your account. We try to help our customers to be aware that they have nearly used all of their allowance so we will email you when your usage reaches 80% of your allowance level and again when it reaches 90%. We hope that this will help you to be better aware of how much bandwidth you are using.

If you use up all of your bandwidth allowance we will provide you with a further 1 GB of extra bandwith to use but at a lower connection speed of 128 kbs. This is enough for you to continue to browse the web and send and receive emails but it's probably too slow to watch videos or download large files such as music or photos - it is however free bandwidth beyond what you've paid for. You can get back to full speed very easily. If you elect to purchase a bandwidth Top-up you will get extra bandwidth allowance at your full connection speed. Alternatively you can opt to pay for additional bandwidth as you go but that makes it hard for us to plan to have enough capacity available so we make that more expensive.

We hope you will see that this approach is fair and works well to provide the quality of service we all expect.