Domains and SSL Certificates

Your online identity can be fully your own if you register a domain. Whether you are a private individual or a business there is a domain option that may be just right for you. From as little as £5.00 per year you can have your own name on the internet - assuming of course that it is not already registered to someone else.

SSL Certificates are the basis for security on websites, email and various other forms of online communication. An SSL certificate is used both to enabled encryption of a connection between a website or email server and those accessing it and to prove the identity of the server as genuine.


A domain name is your public internet identity. It makes it easy to find your website and to contact you online.

  • All the popular domains extensions -, .com, .net, org, etc
  • Full DNS control via our easy to use control panel*
  • No hidden charges - what you see is what you pay
  • Whois privacy available for identity protection

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With prices from just £5.00 per year our domain registration service offers great value for money.

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*You will need a hosting package to enable DNS hosting

SSL Certificates

Whether you want to secure your website to handle confidential information or payments or you want to secure your communications encryption and identity protection are essential to a safe online experience. 

Our SSL Certificates provide the high level of trust and security you need and are compatible with all modern web browsers and communications software.

SSL Certificates can be delivered to you within minutes.

Prices start from just £19.99 per year and ordering is easy. You don't need to spend time on lengthy verification systems with us.

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