Service Status Update

2022-06-08The UKFSN Webmail service has been upgraded to resolve an urgent security issue. Due to the previous installation being very old it was not possible to carry over the existing webmail configuration for each user of the service. Accordingly when you login to the new version you will need to do a little set up to get the service working properly for you, as outlined below:

When you login to the UKFSN Webmail service you will need to set up your identity before you will be able to send email out. To do this select Settings from the menu options on the left and from there select Identities where you will be able to create an identity for your account. In this you need to specify a display name and your email address. You can also set the identify to be the default one. Once you have done this all email sent will be from that email address. Note that you can only specify an email address that is valid on the UKFSN email service.

2022-06-05The main UKFSN Email server suffered a serious hardware failure a couple of days ago. To resolve the problem it was necessary to replace the motherboard which led to some problems with the new ethernet interface not being recognised - a rather challenging situation for a server hosted in a datacentre! After upgrading the Linux installation on the server the service is back up and running. No data was lost or compromised so nobody will have lost any email although it will have been delivered a few days late.