Support for Online Backup and LiveDrive Briefcase

Backup Basic

The Backup Basic service provides automatic online backup for users of Windows and Mac systems. You need to download and install the client software on your system and then configure it with your livedrive account username and password. The client software can be downloaded via our MyAccount control panel.

You can specify which directories/folders are backed up to the Livedrive service via the client software.

Note that the backup service will only work if you have an internet connection.

Backup Pro

The Backup Pro service provides everything included in the Backup Basic service plus 512GB of additional storage space which can be accessed via SFTP (a SSH filesystem) from any platform including Linux, *BSD, Mac, Windows etc.

Many FTP software clients include support for SFTP.

To use the additional storage via SFTP you need to connect to using your livedrive account username (email address) and password.

Many platforms allow you to mount a filesystem via SSH using SFTP. See the documentation for your operating system for details.